W_nderings – 8 August, 2016

Things that have caught my fancy on the world wide web.

miniature-buildings-inside-test-tubes-micro-matter-rosa-de-jong-8Artist Creates Incredibly Tiny Floating Worlds Inside Glass Test Tubes by James Gould-Bourn, Bored Panda [scrollable picture gallery] – showcases the work of Dutch artist Rosa de Jong, who makes miniature dioramas in test tubes. Very funky.
BA-980x885Dark Patterns are designed to trick you (and they’re all over the Web)  by Yael Grauer, Ars Technica [2800 word article] and Harry Brignull, UX Brighton Conference [30 minute video] – we’ve all noticed add-on boxes on forms that are already pre-checked (do you want to add flight insurance? The default is yes. Do you want to sign up to our marketing partners? Same.) Then there are hidden customer service lines, laborious exit clauses on contracts, cooling off periods etc. I watched the video, and really enjoyed it/got annoyed by it (the content, not the presentation.)
splat-cover-780x519 Is it just me, or is the world going crazy? by Mark Manson [2700 word article] – “It seems these days that there is this omnipresent feeling that the world is going fucking crazy. Yet, by every objective measurement, it’s arguably the sanest and safest it’s been in recorded history.” Manson suggests the violence isn’t new, how we get our information – social media, and the ubiquity of cameras, are new. His personal suggestion is to stop consuming news via social media, and to return to trusted news sources directly.
2782The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies by Shaun Walker, The Guardian [5800 word article] – The Guardian’s does some excellent long reporting, and the two that have stook out for me are about Russian intelligence (remember Alexander Litvinenko: the man who solved his own murder?) You probaby remember when the sleeper spy ring in the US was exposed (and probably remember Anna Chapman), but the most fascinating part of that was the two kids born in the USA, raised under their assumed cover. Their story is fascinating.
son-doong-cave-22Real Underground Kingdom That Has Existed for Millions of Years Went Unnoticed, Until Recently… by Kid Krunk, Films for Action [scrollable picture gallery] – a collection of photos by John Spies of the world’s largest cave, Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. The offical website has further info. Looks straight out of Tomb Raider. Wait, why were there dinosaurs in Tomb Raider?!
landscape-1457442651-screen-shot-2016-03-08-at-10226-pm12 Things About Being A Woman That Women Won’t Tell You by Caitlin Moran, Esquire [2750 word article] – I remember this being shared a lot at the time by my lady friends. Funny and insightful.
1455595759134Do what you love mantra devalues hard work by Simon Castles, Sydney Morning Herald [900 word article] – “The truth is, any of us in a position to choose and chase work out of love do so from a place of relative privilege.” I think about this often when I see immigrant workers performing the shitty jobs all over the UK and Australia for minimum wage.
david-cameron-humming-musical-analysis-1468256220-custom-0 We’ve done a musical analysis of the tune David Cameron was humming outside Downing Street by Daniel Ross, Classic FM [300 words] – Remember when David Cameron quit after his massive, legacy-defining Brexit fuck up? And he walked away from his presser while his microphone was still on, hummng a brief few notes? Classic FM had the best response available. Short and brilliant.
hajime_011The sharpest cut by Hilary McNevin, SBS Food [2100 word article] – an article all about the importance of good knives in the kitchen, with recommendations from butchers and chefs. I’ve just started paying attention to this area by (infrequently) sharpening my (shitty) knife, and the before and after difference is huge. Next will be to actually buy a decent knife (and get into sharpening habits.) I once had to research ‘things that cost a lot but are always worth spending more on’, and knives were at the top of the list. My dear friend Tammi is quoted in this article saying “a good knife is the single biggest difference between enjoying cooking and not enjoying cooking, I reckon.” Me too, Tammois!
passportsWhy passports come in 4 standard colours by Chloe Pantazi, Business Insider [500 word article] – something you never knew you wondered. The short of it is there are regional traditions, religious reasons, and few companies that actually produce them. You can see more at Passport Index – it’s actually really stunning to see them all laid out.

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