Weekly W_nderings – 25 October, 2015

Things ah’ve been looking at this week.

Back to the FutureHow Tech Companies Are Celebrating Back To The Future Day on TechCrunch [click gallery, mixed media] – It was Back to the Future Day this week, and a lot of companies got in on the action. Some clever and fun tie-ins.
Star Wars ShameWhat If The New Star Wars Sucks, Too?  by Albert Burneko, The Concourse [2432 word article] – A fun, tongue-in-cheek reality check in preparation for Episode VII. The short: Star Wars films aren’t really that good (but we love ’em anyway), so for this one to be good would be bucking the trend. A bit provocative!
Psychedelic CatsFuck Yeah Psychedelic Cats on Tumblr [Tumblr Gallery] – Hilarious. Don’t look at it on a laptop/desktop because the theme is horrendous – the mobile version is incredible though. Truly visionary.
Pederson DandelionHumorous Street Signs and Other Contextual Street Art Interventions on This Is Colossal [Intro + Gallery List]
Michael Pederson [artist website] – more street art! Sydney based! Awesome.
Politics sans menThis Is What Politics Looks Like When You Delete Men From The Photos on Pulptastic [Intro + Gallery List] – an incredible, powerful project by Alex Holder of RSA Films which Photoshops men out from political photos and shows the outrageous lack of women in public life. So much for meritocracy. Also published as a 45 second film by Elle UK.
SpacemanAfter 10 Years Of Slowly Dying, I Finally Found The Cause, And Now I See Abstract Art Whenever I Close My Eyes by Eugenia Loli [Intro + Gallery List] – These are so stunning. Just… check them out.
Katy PerryKaty Perry and the Fear of a Female Planet by Heather Havrilesky, New York Magazine [1329 word article] – I totally get this. I’ve never understood the appeal of Katy Perry, and this article critiques her as a totally de-politicised, bland, generic, safe, non-threatening female pop star. Makes an interesting contrast to…
Nicki MinageThe Passion of Nicki Minaj by Vanessa Grigoriadis, New York Times [long article, 4774 words] – I don’t really know enough about Minaj to have an opinion, but I do feel vaguely uncomfortable at the sneering tone she’s usually discussed in. This is a great, complex article about a complex character. Worth checking out, and a great counterpoint to the article above.
SoundtrackSoundtrack by John Gillespie & Patrick Hughes  [2:06 video] – my friends done made a short film for a BBC film competition… and they won! Congrats Pad, Sean & John!

KeatingThe Nostalgia Act by Andrew Elder [1121 word blog post] – A bit of AusPol critique. Andrew Elder always writes intelligent critique that cuts right to it. He’s particularly good at taking apart political journalism, and this post looks at the tendency of journos to uncritically repeat the lines they’re fed, or failure to challenge ‘conventional wisdom].

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